So, What is a Betting Exchange Guide?

Welcome to the home of Betting Exchange Guide where we will aim to get you ready for the incredible betting opportunites that are all around us, every day!

We’ve put together some of the brightest and most influential minds of the industry to create an all encompassing guide to the betting exchange world.  Many resources do a good job of making betting exchanges seem over complicated but we’re here to show you how simple it is to get started and benefit from all there is to offer from the betting exchange industry.

There really aren’t a lot of betting exchanges out there but we have each exchange reviewed and ranked outlining the pro’s and con’s of each exchange.  We also discuss the latest promotions offered at these exchanges and explain how you can use these to springboard your starting balance to give you every chance possible to succeed because as you may suspect, there’s so much more to betting exchanges than simply placing bets.  See the full reviews below:

  1. Smarkets
  2. Matchbook
  3. Betfair
  4. Betdaq

So, what is a Betting Exchange and how does a Betting Exchange work?

Well, first of all it’s very important to point out that a betting exchange is not a bookie.  A betting exchange operates in a completely different way by match making bets from both backers and layers.  What’s so interesting about this is that there is virtually zero conflict of interest between you and the betting exchange.  This is a significant difference in that a bookmaker needs you to lose to make money whereas a betting exchange takes a commission from your back or lay meaning that it makes no difference to the betting exchange whether you win or lose.

Essentially, when you place a bet or “back” something, you are betting another user of the betting exchange rather than the operator themselves.  This means that if you lose your bet then the lay (the user you bet against) wins your stake.  If you win your bet then the lay user has to pay you the winnings.  In essence, this gives players the opportunity to act as a bookmaker within a fully regulated platform to keep them safe.  You can compare the betting exchange concept to the inner workings of the stock exchange in that users are listed based on whether they are positive or negative about any one event.  Once you get to grips with this simple concept, it’s easy to understand why it’s possible to make positive and steady gains on your balance without too much effort other than keeping a close eye on the direction of trends surrounding the events your tracking.

Making the most out of the “lay”

The most striking aspect of the betting exchange concept is the ability to lay bets.  Let’s say for example, you are tracking the European Cup in which several teams are competing for the trophy.  You could pick one of the smaller teams like Slovakia for example and lay a bet against them.  So let’s say that Slovakia are 100/1 underdogs and you lay a bet against them at £10.  If Slovakia fail to win the cup then that £10 stake is yours but if they go against all the odds and actually win it then you are liable for the £1,000 in winnings.  This obviously seems fairly risky but once you start thinking from the perspective that you can be the house rather than trying to beat the house then your confidence in how you lay bets will increase dramatically and with that confidence often comes sizable returns.  It’s much easier to win by picking a loser than it is to win by guessing the winner.

So I can really be the house?  But I don’t have a license!

Yeah you read it correctly, you can be the house and you don’t need a license.  Each betting exchange is set up in a highly regulated way so that it can act as a platform from which you can offer bets on the best markets out there!  Of course it’s important to only work with exchanges that meet the heavy regulations in effect.  This is something that we’re here to help you with!

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